My love of the Susquehanna River Valley began when I was a young lad living in Middletown, Pennsylvania, right along the banks of the Susquehanna River. As an adolescent, I spent many hours in my boat on that river, pondering life and my place in it. While I studied the different moods of the water and the surrounding landscapes, nature’s ethereal perfection influenced my approach to art and painting. I want my paintings to convey that same mood of quiet contemplation and mysterious beauty.

Through my study of fine art, I developed an appreciation for the Hudson River School masters. I strive to portray similar qualities of depth in my own work. One focus is the vibrancy of light on both water and landscape subjects. I also try to incorporate a feeling of timelessness for the viewer, a sense of life at a slower pace, whether in a nature scene or a still life.

Returning to nature for inspiration, I have recently experimented with the free expression of plein–air painting. The challenge of capturing the power of a moment onto a canvas with texture and color brings a refreshing new twist to the development on my technique. Consistent with my other styles, though, I continue to work to develop a mood for the viewer.